My Books of 2016

Money: The Unauthorized Biography, by Felix Martin This is a great, albeit a bit wonky book.  His final argument, is that money is not a fixed amount, like an ounce of gold of a gram of silver, but a means of measuring and transferring a concept of value from one person to another.  Moon Tiger,…
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My Appalachian Trail Adventure – Part 2

Thanks for reading this. I've received many nice comments and heard from people who say they couldn't wait for Part 2. Here it is! Part 1 ended with my wife, Diana, and I "conquering" one night at Enchanted Rock State Park. We survived an "invasion" by Boy Scouts from near Houston, and lugged our packs…
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Thoughts on the Election

I had not planned to write this. Another blog, My Walk in the Woods, an Appalachian Trail Adventure is mostly finished, and will be next up in a week or so. But our emotions are seared into our minds. For sure this campaign, and the stunning results no matter if your team or the other team…
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