Thoughts on the Election

I had not planned to write this. Another blog, My Walk in the Woods, an Appalachian Trail Adventure is mostly finished, and will be next up in a week or so. But our emotions are seared into our minds. For sure this campaign, and the stunning results no matter if your team or the other team…
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Book Clubs. What a Nice Thing!

I've been meaning to comment about how much fun it is to be in a book club now for several months. Of course the term itself is really broad, including national umbrella organizations such as the Oprah Book Club, local library book clubs, church book clubs, and individual groups of people who meet in members'…
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The End of the Earth? It’s Possible!

That was the most sensational headline I could come up with. However, an article in the August issue of Scientific American explains that an asteroid named Bennu poses just such a possibility. Bennu is large enough, about a third of a mile in diameter, to do enough damage to essentially destroy civilization as we know…
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