The Rock Wall

My "minder," a nice young woman in Indianapolis, has been urging me to post at least one new blog every week, if not sooner. You see, in the parlance of social media and publishing, publicity from readership is critical to one's success as a blogger, which in turn translates to a following—that's the word—that creates…
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“I Had a Stroke”

My wife, Diana, and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this year. We were married in November, but it's impossible to get the three adult children and their families together then, since grand kids are busy in school and lives are bursting with discovery, careers, and whatnot. So we selected July, since schools are on break…
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My First Public Event

On April 22nd, a bright and (almost too) warm Sunday afternoon, a wonderful couple (he's a long-time member of my book club) hosted a "Meet Austin's Newest Author" event at their home. The home, itself, was part of the attraction, I'm sure, since it's part of an old Austin family's compound in which five family…
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