Major Wiki-Leak Article in The New Yorker

I admit it. My favorite three publications are The Wall Street Journal, especially the Weekend Edition, the New York Times Sunday Edition, and The New Yorker. No three newspapers/magazines do it better, at least IMHO. The current New Yorker has a long story about the fruit industry, with Driscoll Farms featured. If you ever wanted…
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Two Books and Perhaps the Most Downtrodden County in the Country

Many of the you have heard of McDowell County, the southernmost county in the state of West Virginia. You may not remember it. However every four years, politicians rotate ¬†through, pledging to help. In addition to roving politicos looking for votes, two of the most memorable books of the past ten or twenty years have…
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A Wonderful Book Review

As a writer, even a small-time one, every now and then such a surprising and encouraging "gift" flies in over email or the Internet that is lightens up my day. Here is an example; a review on for my book, Contact Sport. The writer is unknown to me personally, but we have corresponded via…
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