Climate Change Part 2: The Science Behind the Data

Part two of a three-part series. Five periods of mass extinction have been identified on our planet. Two were the result of asteroid collisions, with the more "recent" the massive impact zone centered on what is now the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico sixty-six million years ago. The other three were caused by temperature changes, all…
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Climate Change Part 1: Actual Physical Changes … 1980 to the Present

Part one of a three-part series. May, 2018 marked the 401st consecutive month of temperatures greater than the twentieth century average: 60.0 degrees Fahrenheit versus 58.6 F for the combined ocean and land temperatures of this planet according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For land only, the increase was 54 vs 52 degrees…
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Increasingly in the US, the Relative Few Control the Relative Many.

One of the demonstrated demographic trends underway, both worldwide as well as in the United States, is the movement from rural areas to metropolitan districts. Several factors, mainly the availability and diversity of employment and cultural options, drive this seemingly inexorable change. At this rate, by the year 2040, 70% of Americans will live in…
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