Black Clouds on the Financial Front?

Let me start this by saying this subject is sophisticated and above my pay grade. But the impact would affect us all, so please read on. The September 17 issue of The New Yorker includes a fairly lengthy -- it is The New Yorker after all -- book review of a 700 page financial history…
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There’s Something Wrong Here

Pardon me. I'm emotional. I just watched a grieving father in Pittsburgh try to process the murder of his son in the synagogue. In addition, the mayor of Pittsburgh, in a pre-dawn interview on NBC, wondered aloud if it's really the proper policy (and need) for the U.S. to recommend armed guards at all Christian,…
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Surprises in The League of Women Voters Guide

I picked up a copy of the League of Women Voters' Guide in a local store yesterday. My wife and I had voted early, however I've always found the L.W.V. Guide a valuable compendium of information about all the candidates. This particular version covered only the state-wide candidates and detailed information about two counties: Travis…
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