Responsible Capitalism

Like many of you, my wife and I saved for retirement. In addition, I was fortunate to have retired from a company that had a pension plan. Today, those are more and more rare, with a "matched IRA" perhaps. So I'm thankful; nearly forty years of hard work were not in vain. However I feel…
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Economic Signposts Are Flashing Concern

The headlines in the Wall Street Journal on August 15 are screamers: Stocks, Bonds Flash Warning Signs. That will get your attention for sure. The Journal has been running articles now over the past several weeks noting that the "yield" on longer term government bonds (ten years in this case) has been approaching, and finally…
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How Popular is Trump, and Where?

We certainly have an unusual president. History will record his personal style as unprecedented.  There are very few official press conferences, but many opportunities to take questions extemporaneously (usually while on the way to the presidential helicopter or other opportunities in front of reporters). Add to those the (hundreds, now thousands of cumulative) Tweets that…
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