A Summary of What the Mueller Report Says

Very few of us will obtain and then read all 400 pages of the report. That's a fact of both busy lives and the tendency of most of us to "grab and run" with our news.

Here's a summary:

  • Russian Interference in the 2016 election.
    • There is complete consensus of all parties that the Russians played a major role with fake identities and postings. Russian operatives launched "information warfare" on the U.S. in order to benefit candidate Trump and damage candidate Clinton.
    • While the Trump campaign worked with individual Russsians, Mueller found no evidence that any conspiracy or coordination occurred with the Trump campaign.
  • Obstruction
    • Mueller states that obstruction is a major crime. When the subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators, these actions strike at the very core of the government's effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.
    • The Mueller Report describes ten episodes where it found evidence of possible obstruction, and four including definitive evidence that the president attempted to obstruct justice. These include:
      • President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to "let go" of one key investigation.
      • President Trump instructed his White House counsel Don McGahn that Mueller "has to go" while the investigation was underway.
      • President Trump later told McGahn to deny that he had the conversation referenced above.
  • The evidence  points to a range of personal motives animating the president's conduct. Primary in this is his resentment that the Democrats, among others, question the legitimacy of his election, as well as threats of the investigation to his family. From the beginning, where then President Trump stuck to a somewhat impossible position that the crowd for his inauguration was larger than the crowd for his predecessor's, when numerous photographs showed the attendance of only about half, he has been extremely sensitive to claims that his election was tarnished in any way.
  • So why did Mueller not indict the president?
    • The Justice Department has had an internal position since 1973 that a president cannot be indicted while still in office.
    • The Constitution requires that a process other than the criminal justice system be used to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.
    • The process described has a very high threshold of action, and must be carried out by Congress as described by the impeachment process of charges (the House) and judgement (the Senate).
  • Other charges from the investigation
    •  So far, 34 people have been indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation, including:
      • Michael Cohen-Former Trump attorney and "fixer"
      • Paul Manafort-Former Trump campaign manager
      • Rich Gates-Former main deputy to Paul Manafort
      • Michael Flynn-Former National Security Adviser
      • Roger Stone-Long-time Trump confidant
    • Each of these has confessed to wrongdoing but Mr. Stone, whose trial will begin shortly.
    • A number of Russian nationals have been indicted, but all are outside the U.S. legal system and none is likely to come to trial.
    • At least a dozen additional people are under ongoing investigations. All information regarding active cases has been redacted, and the status of these is unknown.
  • Mueller's final conclusion was stated somewhat obliquely. Basically it said that there was no evidence of collusion with the Russians. However the investigators were unable to reach a judgement that the president did not commit obstruction. That he did, if it is to be determined while he still is in office, must be done according to the Constitutional procedures listed earlier. This does not limit normal judicial processes to apply once Mr. Trump is no longer serving in the office of president.

Enjoy life, it's the only one we will get.

Jim George


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  1. JK James George
    Some comments made in public on FaceBook, so I left in all names and comments. ************************************************ Tom Taormina Thanks for the synopsis, Jim. You left out the postscript that the Director and Deputy Director of DOJ found no case for obstruction. Eschew obfuscation. *********************************************** Will Roberts I am interested in this Russian interference in the election. It seems that it consisted of some Facebook posts that were directed against Hillary Clinton. Is that the case? ************************************************* Will Roberts If Mr. Mueller knew that the sitting President couldn't be charged, why spend two years on an investigation that has a foregone conclusion? ************************************************** Gerry Treas Because we got some of his henchmen. ? ************************************************* Steve London Will Roberts Because he was doing the job that he was given...Investigate Russian interference in the election. ************************************************* Will Roberts Steve London Other than they didn't prosecute Pres. Trump for any, what actual interference did they find? These investigations have been going on for years, but there has seems to have been no real findings. ***************************************************** Steve London Will Roberts Read the Mueller report. ***************************************************** Will Roberts Steve London I don't want to read it. That's the whole point. I want an unbiased executive summary. I guess I'll never see it. The news media certainly isn't going to mention anything that is even slightly pro Trump. For years, they have been telling us he would be impeached and imprisoned any day now. When the report finally does come out, there is nothing there. ************************************************** Steve London Will Roberts You should follow long time capitol hill reporter NS3T on Facebook. ************************************************** James George Jr. Will Roberts Why not accept my summary as unbiased? Are you waiting for Sean Hannity to write his summary? *********************************************** Will Roberts I will accept your summary. I just want to know what the "information warfare" is that you mention? Besides Facebook postings against Clinton what was this warfare? That is my question. *********************************************** Will Roberts Steve London Have been listening to Jamie for many years. *********************************************** James George Jr. Will Roberts Mueller followed his directive from the Congress. No more, no less. **************************************************** Bob McGwier James George Jr. Mueller followed the directive in written form he received for the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. *************************************************** Elmer Steingass Bob McGwier Correct! **************************************************** Elmer Steingass Will Roberts If you don't read the actual report then you will never know the complete story and the facts. The summary presented by Barr misrepresented what was actually shown in the Report and lied to Congress to cover up the findings. That is why I downloaded and read the Report. It says unequivocally that the Russians attacked our election process to aid their chosen candidate and that the candidate did nothing because he saw that it would benefit him in the election. It also says that there is substantial evidences that points to the WH obstructing justice to stop the Mueller Investigation and provided the evidence for Congress to take the necessary steps to provide a check on this behavior and abuse of power. ****************************************************

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