Alex Jones – Sewer Pugilist Par Excellence

A year ago, Alex Jones was hardly a common-place name. But to some fringe elements who had become radicalized with idea that the country is on the brink of a take-over by "Deep State" military forces, and/or already had moved to a compound in Idaho to live off dry-packed foods stashed in a cabin, he was indeed. They were a large. virtually clandestine audience in the dark recesses of the Internet and conspiracy sites.

Then it all changed. Jones took up Trump's candidacy and Trump appeared on Jones' Internet/radio show. Jones then became a shill for Trump. Trump's endorsement of Alex Jones followed Jones' track record of a long series of questionable, if not insane positions.

Doubt me? Check out this litany of insanity:

1995. Jones accused the U.S. government of being involved behind the scenes in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

2011. He posited that the U.S.  government staged the 911 attacks as part of some scheme to justify attacking Islamic states in the Middle East.

2012. Jones questioned whether the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting really happened, stating at one point that the event was staged using actors from Quebec in order to create a false atmosphere for gun control. He later backed off this, but has stated that "the real truth about Sandy Hook has yet to come out," with the usual assertion that some nefarious "deep state" plot had taken place.

2013. Appearing on the Piers Morgan show, Jones began "a one person shout-fest" riffing about guns and oppressive government. He insulted Morgan personally.

2013. As a guest on the BBC Sunday Politics program, Jones began to shout, interrupting the hosts who ended the interview abruptly, describing Jones as "an idiot" and "the worst person (I've) ever interviewed."

2017. He supported the "Pizzagate" fake news that Hillary Clinton was behind a child sex ring in a back room of a pizza parlor in Washington, D.C. Later, under threat of a major libel suit, he retracted this.

2017. Jones and guests argue that the moon landings have been faked in order to hide some secret technology that NASA has.

2017. Jones and a recent guest on his program agree that President Obama is basically an absentee father who has abandoned his children, who aren't even his kids. Obama was said to be hiding out on an island that has no extradition treaty with the U.S. because President Trump intends to lock him up right next to crooked Hillary. Oh, by the way, Jones needs to see the girls' birth certificates because they are not Barack's and Michelle's since Michelle is a proven transsexual.

2017. The Las Vegas shootings at the country music festival, although unspeakably tragic, were some sort of planned event by dark forces. Jones argues that something like this was "in the works" as part of an Islamic-Communist plot to create a civil/race war and take over the U.S. government in time to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. This was set in motion by the "kneeling controversy" in the NFL. These are  precursors to the assassination of all the conservative Supreme Court judges along with Roy Moore in order to depose President Trump, enslave the people of the country, and (of course) to silence Alex Jones. If you're not convinced already, Jones throws in the additional proof that O.J. Simpson's release from prison was timed to allow his return to Las Vegas help ensure all media was in place for better coverage for the mass killings.

Got all that now?

The overall theme seems to be that nothing is real and that some behind-the-scenes super group, variously ascribed to a Liberal cartel, world Jewry, a "Deep State" group, and the like who are maneuvering the world on a string to create the "New Order." If this sounds outlandish, unbelievable, or insane to you, you are not one of the people who subscribe (with money) to Jones' outlets, which are broadcast on the Genesis Communications Network, 150 radio stations, as well as the powerful shortwave station WWCR worldwide. Jones' "" has been labeled a fake news website by many, but not by President Trump.

His YouTube channel has more than two million subscribers, and his media presence is ubiquitous, with three to four hours a day, six to seven days a week, in front of the InfoWars camera on live webcast. He exudes a genuine dire urgency of a man who insists that he understands unseen machinations of those who who would be slave masters of the sheep of the world. He claims to be the rock who can be counted on to oppose these "Deep State" forces. In short, he takes the position that people have hijacked our country, that we are an occupied nation. Foreign banks own us now, control us, and are getting rid of the Constitution. They are admitting it! It this sounds far fetched to you, you clearly are not getting his message. But millions apparently do. Jones gets over seven million unique views a month globally. He is getting fabulously wealthy along the way.

Jones was born in Dallas, TX in 1974. He grew up near Dallas as well in Austin, where he went to high school. His father was a dentist, and his mother a homemaker. He has long been influenced by conspiracy theories. He attended junior college in Austin before starting his career with a public television access program featuring a live, call-in format.

Even the worst enemy of Alex Jones would agree that he is not boring. His over-the-top ranting, with a very raspy voice (Cigarette damage? Too much screaming?) is "fantastically entertaining" to many. His reach now is said to generate a multi-million dollar annual income since most of the distribution is virtually free on the Internet, along with niche sponsors who include provisions for people to live after the end of present civilization as we know it. Jones recently was involved in a major custody case with his former wife, losing the judgement (it is being appealed) such that she now has the primary custody with him getting certain rights as well. Prior to this, he had virtual full-time custody and was accused of "parental alienation"of the couple's children against his ex-wife, to whom he reportedly pays $43,000 a month in support.

If you're still with me, you might, as I do, wonder just where this country is heading. The people I deal with on a daily basis, friends and neighbors, all seem normal and trying to deal with the vicissitudes of daily life: groceries, taxes, children, jobs, health, retirement, etc. It's easy to dismiss the ilk of Alex Jones as a total kook, but some trends in our society including the very high rate of mass killings and divisiveness indeed are unsettling. The country has been through much, much worse with a tragic Civil War and two horrible World Wars as well as Korea and Viet Nam. Yet the unending war in Afghanistan and the current national split on politics is difficult. Personally, I've never seen a President act like Mr. Trump.

I cling to the belief that the Constitution and assignment of responsibilities between the Executive, Congress, and the Judiciary are strong and resilient. We shall see.

J.K. (Jim) George


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  1. Hmmm. All that wealth. Syndication. Maybe all his insanity is deliberate? You're right though, the number of people who believe all that stuff is a real shame.
  2. While I agree that Alex Jones may be a borderline nut case, fake news comes from many sources. There are many unanswered questions about 9/11; e.g., Building 7, rookie pilots maneuvering a Boeing 767 into the Pentegon, while experienced pilots say would be difficult for them. Why did Cheney send NORAD to Canada for training on 9/11? Did Bin Laden direct this attack from a cave in Afghanistan? Who would believe that? Didn't McNamara confess that the Gulf of Tonkin attack was a lie? Nearly 60,000 Americans died as a result. What about the USS Liberty attack? I am reminded of a now deceased friend who served on grand jury a number of years ago, while she did not discuss the case with us, she remarked that she had begun to look at life differently. She said, "now I see a conspiracy behind every door." I believe it is our duty to question. Perhaps, whistleblowers, Edward Snowden, Juluan Assange and Seth Rich (?) are the true patriots of our time. "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government. So let us tie the second with the chains of the Constitution so that they will not become the legal version of the first." TJefferson
    • JK James George
      Carol, while a healthy suspicion of our government decisions is proper, for you to even come close to doubting 9-11 and coming to a remote defense of Alex Jones' complete insanity, makes me sick.
  3. Many years ago while I was out running appointments I would tune in to Alex Jones' program because of the entertainment value. Many times I would have to pull my car off to the side of the road because I would be crying laughing at one of his many insane rants. He would have people like Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul on his program as guest speakers many times, and the kids who made the loose change video about 911 were also on his program a lot. I found him to be an extremely entertaining local kook who I thought was very funny. But I never subscribed to any of his websites or believed any of his nonsense. While I was in Montana on a backpacking and camping trip, we stopped off at a Rock shop on the side of the road. A very colorful woman who owned the place asked me where I was from. When I told her Austin, Texas she asked me if I listened to Alex Jones. When I told her I did tune into his program sometimes but that he was a kook, she got very defensive and said she believed everything he said. It was then that I understood the power this guy had. More recently as he has grown his fan base and has been on the news because of his connections to Donald Trump, he has been discussed in length on many news shows and also comedy news shows like The Daily Show and John Oliver's show "This Week Tonight". On John Oliver's show on July 30th he had a fantastic segment on Alex Jones. I would recommend that anyone interested in Alex Jones and his connections to Trump should watch this episode. I did not realize, for example, that Jones makes 48 million dollars per year. Jones has a 6 million person viewership, and unfortunately most if not all of these people believe everything he says. It is terrifying that people are that disillusioned with our government that they will latch on to dangerous people with hidden agendas. What Alex Jones is is a used car salesman who sells vitamins and "nutrisuticals". He makes most of his money selling snake oil to people he has mentally hypnotized into beliving that they need these products because they dont trust mainstream anything. Yes I probably know a little too much about this guy because his radio show was broadcast from here many years ago and I used to listen to it. What is obvious to me now, as it was then, is that he is just another talking head con man who is on 150 radio stations and the internet, now making between 45 to 50 million dollars per year, telling people he is broke and "under attack" by "globalists", and that they need to buy his overpriced supplements. Then he laughs all the way to the bank.
  4. JK James George
    Here are some direct email comments, with the identities deleted: * From SD. I really wish we would stop giving Bannon, Jones, et al free press. It legitimizes them. Before the 24 hour news cycle and social media the crackpots (mostly) got filtered out. *
  5. My questions regarding 9/11 had nothing to do with Alex Jones. I watched a documentary called "The New Pearl Harbor," which I found interesting. Why Would pilots lie? Then, I stumbled on Dr. Judith Wood's utube. She received a Ph.D. From Va. Tech in Mechanical Engineering with expertise in stress Analysis. Why do folks get their feathers ruffled when the 9/11 Commission Report is questioned.

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