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Thoughts on Donations to Worthy Causes

It's Christmas time, when most of us spend some time thinking of family and friends, not to mention Santa Claus as well as the religious significance of the season as the New Year approaches. If you're a caring and sentient person to any degree, you hear the calls to help those who are in need:…
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The “Chip” Shortage

For some reason, semiconductor products have become known as "chips," even though 99% of them are assembled into various enclosures of very tough protective polymers, and then tested for proper operation and compliance to the specifications. The "chips" themselves are actually thin pieces of silicon onto which numerous patterns, numerous additional "layers" of oxide and…
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Book Review: The Splendid and the Vile

This is one of the best books I've read in years: amazing research, emotional and personal discussions, inside observations, and related history of a pivotal one-year period in Britain during World War II. At the end it was apparent that the UK probably could not have survived without a forced peace agreement with Hitler's Nazi…
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Book Review: Lamentations of the Father

Please take a look at my latest book review here: Lamentations of the Father: Essays by Ian Frazier | Goodreads Another book club selection. Wow, what a joy to be in this men's BC group. For some reason, although this doesn't concern the quality of this interesting set of essays, the posted price on this…
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