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Thoughts on the Kentucky Derby

This is personal, so hopefully it will "work" for a reader who does not know me well. You do know yourself well, and for sure you will have had a similar experience or positive recollection you can plug into your walk down memory lane. Here goes with mine. The Kentucky Derby is the premium horse…
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Bob Dylan CD

“The Best of Bob Dylan” CD For some time now, and I have no idea how long that is, I have had a special CD in the car: The Best of Bob Dylan. It was not inside any protective paper enclosure and has lived in a side pocket below the left armrest for years, then somehow…
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Thoughts on the Funnypages: Newspaper Comic Strips

Who doesn’t read ‘em? There are 34 daily "funnies" - the archaic term I grew up with - comic strips in the Austin American Statesman. Newspapers are struggling and have cut back on news coverage, while losing the number of advertising pages. Of course, these have to be related. Yet the comic strip coverage seems…
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An Act of Tyranny in Our Midst

  This will be short, and not filled with data and factoids. It reflects my deep concern for the future of the United States. The events of January 6, 2021 will go down in history for all time as one of the darkest days in history of the United States. A mob of ten thousand…
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