Book Review: Plainsong, by Kent Haruf

Plainsong (Plainsong, #1) by Kent Haruf   J.K. George's review Nov 30, 2023   My hard-cover copy of this wonderful and relatively short (at about 300 pages) novel came from a library in south Florida, where it was owned previously by a literary society. Not a new release - it was published in 1999 - the…
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Book Review: 1964 Eyes of the Storm, by Paul McCartney

This is a wonderful "coffee table book." Especially if you are one of those who grew up when the Beatles and Rolling Stones were all the rage. Of course, the Stones still are, sort of, an aging wonder personified by the ageless Mick Jagger. However as opposed to the bad-boy Stones, the Beatles were a…
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