Book Review: Love Poems for Married People, by John Kenney

A hundred or so pages of humor and pathos, with a little titillation. Read it aloud, either for yourself, or for your loved one. But don't give up on some unevenness and irregular humor, because the very last entry is worth the price of admission for sure.    view all posts by: JK James George
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Book Review: This is Happiness, by Niall Williams

Another men's book club selection. To be exposed to the wide variety of work. What a gift to be part of such a group! This Is Happiness by Niall Williams | Goodreads This fiction (I suppose it's at least partly based on real experiences at some level) is packed with a rich vocabulary (although some…
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Book Review: Hadji Murad

Hadji Murád by Leo Tolstoy J.K. George's review Apr 18, 2022 A recommendation from a book club friend, but not yet selected by anyone as a "scheduled read." "Hadji Murad," a short 101 pages, is chocked full of early 1920s writing and long Russian and Chechen names, and it's difficult to understand because of these…
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