The Loss of My Sister

This is hard to write, as my sister still is alive. There are only two of us, the siblings of two honorable parents, flawed as all of us are, who did the best they could and were supportive all the way. My sister is three years younger than I. She lost her husband, her true…
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Nectar of the Gods!

The capitalized word "Gods" is proper since it's in the title, but don't get too perturbed. I will use "gods" as a tip of the hat to the undefinable taste of a really good little morsel. The "!" figure in the title is a shameless come-on to entice you, dear reader. Now that you are…
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A New Blog: The Joy of Coffee

So what - a new blog; what 's the big deal? Probably not much to many of the one-thousand or so hardy souls who still receive these emails. Of course the roughly five-hundred who previously have unsubscribed due to differences of opinion on the course of the direction of the country, or probably were just…
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