Book Review: Lamentations of the Father

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Lamentations of the Father: Essays by Ian Frazier | Goodreads

Another book club selection. Wow, what a joy to be in this men's BC group.

For some reason, although this doesn't concern the quality of this interesting set of essays, the posted price on this beautiful little hardcover jewel is $22.00, but my invoice from the book seller was $29.99 plus shipping and tax for $36.46. Hmmm. But on to the review:

Frankly I had never heard of Ian Frazier, but he's written eight books and writes in The New Yorker (to which I subscribe and read). He must be an absolute card. These essays are an average of about five or six pages in length (there are thirty-six in 194 pages) and I loved some, was meh on others, and would throw out several immediately. But they are SO different that it's amazing a single person wrote them all.

The "Title Essay" is a nearly endless list of demands by a father, to the point of both humor and ad-nauseam. But as original as all get-out, as all of them are. I especially liked four of them, with one clinker and some rather raw profanity in one of them. The one on male erections is an example of ..... hmm, originality. The cursing Mommy Christmas is very strange. Ugh. Mr. Frazier must be a fascinating character to have a cocktail party discussion with.


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    From Anon-1: Keep those reviews coming, sir. I read all of them.
  2. JK James George
    From Anon-2: Hey slow down Jim I'm only part way through the meteorite book?

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