Book Review: The Man Who Loved Schooners, by R. L. Boudreau

This was another men's book club selection, and a manly one at that!  It's a bit tricky to locate a copy, but while relatively short at 170 pages, the read becomes a bit tedious as Budreau, a native of the Canadian Maritimes somehow remembers each and every one of (what I counted as) at least twelve schooners. At some points in the story there were two he owned at the same time, as he operated a tourist business specializing in Caribbean tours. The boats seemed to come and go, and several were renamed from the previous owners.

The story is very personal, indeed a paean to the love of the sea and boating on significant vessels. His experience begins on commercial boats and involves some very nasty ocean storms. Unfortunately, several of the boats were lost, and at times lives also were lost in the calamities - fortunately, never during his subsequent touring business. Although the author and his also-sea-loving wife did buy homes in the Caribbean area, much of their life took place on the oceans and seas and living on their schooners at harbor.

Just when Boudreau and his wife had obtained what seemed to be the perfect schooner after years on the sea, a shipwreck claimed their dream boat, which was captained by a professional skipper while the ship was being sailed back home from Nova Scotia following a total and complete makeover and upgrade. One wonders at this - was there incompetence or a tragic error by the captain? That the captain was found by a review board to be incompetent, and his license cancelled, appears to answer that question. The reader would wonder why a sailor as experienced as Budreau would have trusted that key task to someone even marginally questionable.

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  1. JK James George
    From Anon-1: Thanks for sending the review. I'm a bit puzzled by how Boudreau was spelled correctly in the title and subheads, but "Budreau" in the body. As a former proofreader (Houston Chronicle) and editor (Exxon Publishing), those things just jump off the page at me. Or maybe it was intentional. Yes, it was short and hard to find on paper. I'll have another recommendation you might enjoy soon.
    • JK James George
      Oops! Thanks for catching this silly boo-boo. I"ll try to fix it in the "edit" mode! Jim
  2. JK James George
    From Anon-2: Jim—In following the earlier link to your review, which led to a book on something other than a story about sailing on the East Coast, ultimately, I landed on the page that lists the book reviews you have written on Goodreads. Oh, my goodness!! If I have written more than 8 book reviews (that is, after the 6th or 7th grade, when they were required), I’d be surprised. Maybe that number is not 8; it may be more like 4. Putting reviews out in the public is definitely a service to a reading public. Thanks for the time you put into that (as well as other things perhaps less visible). I hope that 2023 has started out with a promise of much fulfillment and some joy. (Well, if not joy, then at least a few cheesy jokes somewhere along the way.)

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