Book Review: The Sea Runners, by Ivan Doig

The Sea Runners

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J.K. George's review

Feb 13, 2022  ·  edit
it was amazing

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This is a classic! Five stars plus. It left me numb and emotional at times. What better than that?

Some of many things I liked: small number of distinct, interesting and memorable characters; wonderful setting(s), changeable but similar; drama with minimum foreshadowing; wonderful dialogue and "thought descriptions" when unspoken; vocabulary; and weather-vivid, raw, beautiful.

Some words: a trumbil way; salient; a dun cliff; declension of a slope - for a very few examples.

The writing style is amazing not only for its depth of a northwestern description, but for an almost mathematical style. I had to re-read several pages (OK, sleepy at times) but usually to grasp the meaning embedded in unusual prose.

The ending left me limp. Loved this work of art.

Jim George, Austin, TX


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  1. JK James George
    From Anon-1: Hi Jim Great review. I can tell it's a special story and well told.
  2. JK James George
    From Anon-2: great review…. will definitely read soon. We read 2 or 3 of his earlier books and then lost him ….This House of Sky, 5 stars. dancing at rascal fair and the last bus to Wisdom (last 2 don’t remember enough to rate) Just finished a really good non-fiction spy thriller for history club… “The Spy and the Traitor” by Macintyre….. cold war intrigue centered on Russian KGB guy (Gordievsky) who became mole for M16 during some harrowing times in the 80s….. I think you would like it….
  3. Loved "The Sea Runners" and could barely put it down. Thanks for your review.

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