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Radio Interview on KSVY FM in Sonoma, CA

As part of  trying to "get the word out" for Contact Sport, the book, I've hired a national PR firm and they (she, my representative) have set up a number of interviews on radio, etc. One that's coming up short term (the phone call will be tomorrow, May 2 at 10:25 PDT) but it might…
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Reviews in “CQ” and “QST” magazines

Contact Sport: A Story of Champions, Airwaves, and a One-Day Race Around the World has been reviewed in both major U.S. amateur radio magazines. This is most unusual, and the reviews have been universally positive. The CQ book review, a full-page commentary on page 56 in the January, 2016 issue, says, "This is a book…
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Podcast Interview on March 24th.

JK (Jim) George was interviewed by the Israeli media personality, Eric Guth (call sign 4X1UG, in Jerusalem) on March 24th. The interview will be edited and formatted for podcast on the "QSO Today" podcast. (QSO is ham-radio-ese for a conversation) The discussion was planned for an hour, and indeed it was wide-ranging. Mr. Guth…
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