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Like everyone else, I'm affected by music. Realistically, I know nothing about the subject other than I like what I like. As some of you know, my son, Jimmy, operates a very nice, well-equipped recording studio in his home. The equipment is first rate, with Neumann microphones, modern compression/control boards, and a professionally designed and constructed studio with a control room, an "isolation" room for a singer or drummer, and a "tracking room" that's large enough (at nearly 350 square feet) for a four or five piece band.

To be candid, especially in Austin, many of the clients are local singer-song writers with a dream and a song, and not much money; but some are established groups, and even a few are what one would call well-known bands. All in all, Jimmy earns a living, his client list has increased, and his business level is on the rise. One of his clients, a retired professional person with the state of Texas, is one of those with a dream and many songs. Kent Scheffler could afford nearly any studio, but started with Jimmy at "The Roost" several years ago, and they now have a wonderful working relationship and bond. As far as I, the dad, am concerned, Scheffler is the ideal client, but until now, I have not been really aware of his songs to any great extent. That now has changed.

Please forgive me for what I suppose is a recommendation, but this song needs exposure for the amazing creation it represents. "Halloween Night" is original, written by Scheffler to recount a conversation between an aging grandfather and his granddaughter. The old man is passing the torch, so to say, and encouraging his granddaughter to live, really live. The title represents the symbolism of Halloween, with a dark side along whimsical and poetic images.

Kent Scheffler is unselfish and attracts outstanding talent to play instruments and sing on his songs. He himself has an adequate voice, and plays a more-than-okay guitar, but his talent shines when his lyrics are combined with arrangements by him as well as others, along with musicians and singers to match the atmosphere he envisions. For "Halloween Night," he located an amazing, simply amazing duo: Gretchen Lynn and Spider Johnson. She is an Austin musician and he is a Fredericksburg theater arts patron and musician. Jimmy George arranged the song and is the studio engineer and producer.

Without any additional delay, enjoy "Halloween Night" here:

The song is part of Scheffler's new album, "Think With Courage." Take a look and buy it here:


I get nothing from all this except the satisfaction of perhaps allowing a wonderful song (and album) to be enjoyed by more. The work deserves that.

JK (Jim) George


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  1. JK James George
    The following posts were received by email. The senders are disguised. ********************************************************************************* From DH: What a great way to start and otherwise yucky day! Like you, I really enjoyed what they put together. What a wonderful blending of voices with instrumental to convey some very thoughtful lyrics. Jimmy will be OK, producing with folks like these. ******************************************************************************** From S.H: Nice :) ****************************************************************************** From VA, who forwarded the link to others: An interesting note from Jim George about his son and his son’s studio. Later ... It’s great to hear of Jimmy’s success with his studio. ****************************************************************************** From JS: Jim, you are right, an amazing song! Enjoy your writings. ******************************************************************************* From JP: (My wife) and I just listened to/watched this wonderful video. Wow, we loved it. We will run it many more times and share it with friends. Congratulations to all involved. A true masterpiece! *************************************************************************** From DC: Thanks, Jim. Really sweet. ************************************************************************ From JG: Jim - Although I have a tin ear I know a good song and lyrics when I hear it. Is it OK to mention its web address to some of my friends at the retirement community where I live? Some of them are at the torch-passing age and Halloween Night may be comforting to them. ********************************************************************** From TM: I’m enjoying the album. Well produced! ********************************************************************* From JJ: I love this. Spider Johnson doing the male voice, I presume from the end of the video. Put it up on Facebook. *********************************************************************** From DS: Thank you so much for sending the blog and video. I sent it to all my peeps and it is getting RAVE reviews. I am sure you are proud of Jimmy's accomplishments and talent! My wife reminded me that we met Jimmy a few years ago when he played a gig at Mama Fu's in Cedar Park. You had put his playing there on the reflector and we went to see him. Wonder if you could arrange a tour of his recording studio some time for some of your friends? Maybe even at a recording session or rehearsal. ***************************************************************** From:

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