Nectar of the Gods!

The capitalized word "Gods" is proper since it's in the title, but don't get too perturbed. I will use "gods" as a tip of the hat to the undefinable taste of a really good little morsel. The "!" figure in the title is a shameless come-on to entice you, dear reader. Now that you are suitably enticed, please read on.....

The combination of a probiotic yoghurt with a minimum of sugar along with a decent dab of honey squirted into the white mixture certainly makes this combination not only healthy but really, really tasty. In our case, I use something called Bulgarian Yoghurt, which surprisingly is named the "Most popular yoghurt in the world," according to that renowned pundit, the Microsoft search engine. Our version actually is made here in Austin, TX by White Mountain Yoghurt. That's a nice name for a small group over in East Austin, formerly a part of town with small shops, a minority racial population, and low-value residential homes, but now being subsumed by the yuppie/high-tech wave transforming this area. Don't ask me if the White Mountain folks are in anyway related to Bulgaria. Or Hippies. Or high-tech folks.

It you haven't tried this combination, give it a go. You will be happy you did!

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  1. JK James George
    From Anon-1: I expected this to be a continuation of your coffee blog! I can’t imagine a huge difference between Bulgarian and Greek yogurt, but we have multiple jars of various honeys here. I’ll try it.
  2. JK James George
    From Anon-2: I enjoyed the transition in my mind from some Greek Feasting delight to the spartan, but creative production now based in East Austin.
  3. Barbara served this to her book group today, with some left for a special desert with fresh strawberries. Yes, food of the gods. . but which gods. Before adding this delicious treat to your food palette, I strongly suggest you read: If that article piques your interest, obtain and look carefully at chapter 10 of "The China Study" by T Colin Campbell.

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