New Video Interview Posted: “Ham Radio Now”

Gary Pearce has a terrific new series of video interviews on his site, "Ham Radio Now:"

He literally stumbled on my sales table at the massive Dayton, OH ham radio convention (HamVention) last May (2016), and we ended up with a most-enjoyable and free-wheeling discussion of my new book, "Contact Sport." He uploaded the interview only this past week, and added a very incisive and perceptive review of the book after he completed reading the work along with the video edits.

I must say he "got" the book. I still am looking for a "break out" into the more general reading audience, but the competition is nearly unbelievable, and the core market of radio amateurs and people interested in shortwave has been extremely receptive, with steady and growing sales as the word gets around.

Thanks to Gary for a wonderful interview, and all the best to his excellent and growing series of video interviews.

Jim George N3BB




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