Radio Interview on KSVY FM in Sonoma, CA

As part of  trying to "get the word out" for Contact Sport, the book, I've hired a national PR firm and they (she, my representative) have set up a number of interviews on radio, etc. One that's coming up short term (the phone call will be tomorrow, May 2 at 10:25 PDT) but it might be recorded and replayed later ... I'm not sure at this point. At any rate, according to KSVY's webpage, all shows are broadcast on as well.

The interviewer is Cat Smith, on her program "Hollywood and West Napa Street"

and the station is KSVY, 91.3 FM in Sonoma, CA. The transmitter power is moderate at 2.5 KW and the coverage isn't super wide, but the signal covers much of Napa Valley.

The interview will focus on "Contact Sport," and of course radio sporting and the story of the WRTC 2014, but I always try to emphasize the book is written for both an experienced radio ham (which might not appeal to many in the audience) as well as someone who has never heard about the hobby, but who enjoys a good "people story" with a dramatic ending.

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