Reviews in “CQ” and “QST” magazines

Contact Sport: A Story of Champions, Airwaves, and a One-Day Race Around the World has been reviewed in both major U.S. amateur radio magazines. This is most unusual, and the reviews have been universally positive.

The CQ book review, a full-page commentary on page 56 in the January, 2016 issue, says, "This is a book about a contest, but it's really a story about people ... The contest, and the stations, provide a back-drop to the human drama (of which there was plenty), and human drama is what draws people in, not only to a good book, but a good hobby as well." ... "The book ... picks up speed and keeps the reader engaged throughout."

The QST  review is a half-page on page 32 in the May, 2016 issue. It calls the book "highly entertaining" and "sprinkl(ed) with anecdotes." ... "George punches up the pain and passion ... pulling together the disparate threads to bring the event to life ..." The review concludes with "... I found this (book) hard to put down," and "... it's a compelling read."

Thanks to both magazines for very favorable reviews and recommendations.


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