Rotary Club Talk

JK George will be the guest speaker at the Dripping Springs, Texas Rotary Club lunch meeting on February 1st. This is the day that his new book, "Contact Sport," will be launched nationally and internationally! George will talk informally about "Life After Retirement," or "How I found my real passion in writing." Or "How to stay unreasonably busy after finally retiring." (Smiley face here)

The Rotary Club meets at Flores' Family Mexican Restaurant, located on the south side of US Highway 290 just east of Dripping Spring, Texas.

"Contact Sport" is a book about the ham radio quadrennial Olympics of radiosporting, and the surprisingly close and thrilling competition near Boston July, 2014. The story is very much about everyday people, as well as elite radio operators, and is written for a general audience ... especially non-hams and young people who might be considering an education with a STEM foundation.

"Contact Sport" will be available in hard cover, as well as hard cover and soft cover versions of his debut novel, "Reunion," which was released in January, 2012. Both books are available in eBook format as well. See for details.

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