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Our Political Parties are a-Changin … Is this Permanent?

Who and or what are the two major American political parties these days? A recent Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal (March 20) by Gerald F. Seib, a brilliant and objective viewer of such things, outlined the fast-shifting landscape of political coalitions. The Trumpian Republican electoral coalition captured  traditionally Democratic "hard hat" and "lunch…
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Thoughts on the Election

I had not planned to write this. Another blog, My Walk in the Woods, an Appalachian Trail Adventure is mostly finished, and will be next up in a week or so. But our emotions are seared into our minds. For sure this campaign, and the stunning results no matter if your team or the other team…
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Trump-My Thoughts

You can stop now if you want to. No problem. However we are witnessing one of the most, if not the most, unusual candidacies of my lifetime. I watched most of the Trump acceptance speech at the RNC Convention, and found it fascinating. It was a little long, and one could see it in the…
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