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The National Deficit — Does Anyone Care?

The National Deficit: Does Anyone Care Any Longer?   Way back in the early days of 2019, a zillion years ago in these hectic “Breaking News on the Hour” Trump Administration years, I wrote a blog entitled “Does Anyone Care About the National Debt?”   https://authorjkgeorge.com/does-anyone-care-about-the-national-debt/   In my un-humble and probably biased opinion, that…
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More Comments on the Tax Reform (Cut)

A previous blog https://authorjkgeorge.com/does-anyone-care-about-the-national-debt/ outlined how the national deficit is running at nearly a trillion dollars ($1T) a year now, which is unheard of in a boom economy. The Office of Budget estimates this deficit will continue at least until 2021, and will increase over the $1T level in 2022, and that's assuming growth continues…
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Does Anyone Care About the National Debt?

There have to be lots of things that drive us crazy. Some are major like health issues or our kids. Others are just frustrating, like the guy that delivers our two papers (Austin Statesman and Wall Street Journal) out here in the country and seems to actually aim them for the drainage ditch that runs…
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