The whole book was thoroughly enjoyable. J.K. George did an excellent job of explaining what was taking place to a non-ham, while keeping it fresh for people who have been there and have been active in contesting for many years. Learning more about many of the contestants, especially those from other countries, was especially interesting. It's truly amazing how diverse the ham population really is: You don't know if you're talking to the president of a country; a US Senator; a ham pilot flying at 30,000 feet on his way to China; or your neighbor down the street. That's why I still get excited every time I turn the radio on.


I was glad that J.K. George brought out how competitive these contestants really were: Not getting up to go to the bathroom for 24 hours straight; eating very little; and being able to sit in the chair for the whole contest without thinking of losing a contact! Ham radio, especially contesting, has been a terrific activity for me to channel my competitive side after retiring from baseball. The same type of preparation and concentration to detail makes all the difference.

Joe Rudi, Former All-Star Professional Major League Baseball Player