The Sublime Landscape and Beyond: An Artist’s Perspective and a Poet’s Vision. By Michael Baldwin and Johnny Bowen (Illustrator)

I was presented this book (a loaner) by a member of our men's book club. It's not "rhyming" poetry as such, but the wording is thoughtful, and the poetry is paired with wonderfully appropriate paintings for each selection. There are eight "sections" and some were more meaningful to me than others; it might have been my personal mood and settings. One of the best sections for me was "Texas Landscapes," which featured outstanding entries including "Utopia, Texas," Buffalo Soldiers," "Lone Star Heritage," and "Made in the USA." The selection of words and art images is perfect for those times when one sits alone and thinks about things.

Jim George

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  1. JK James George
    From Anon-1: Thank you for taking your time and efforts to share your interesting thoughts and words of wisdom. It’s keeps me in tune with a side of me I hardly think of these days.

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